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Top Trendy Dog Names – Perfect Name Ideas for Your Pup

Published: Last updated: by Jessi Larson
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My Dog’s Name has been around for three years now, and we’ve seen some interesting trends in dog names. For the most part, when a dog name hits the top 10, it sticks around for a while. Every now and then, however, a name will come out of nowhere and quickly gain lots of fans.

So what’s trending right now? As they say in Zoolander, these names are “so hot right now.”

Female Trendy Dog Names


This name rose in popularity after the Twilight Saga became a hit and just keeps climbing the charts. It is now the most popular female dog name. Sweet and soft yet substantial, it’s easy to understand why this is a hit with dogs big and small.


Cute, flowery and fun, Daisy works for dogs of all sizes and is a lovely choice.


Something tells us this trendy name has something to do with a little movie from Disney. Was it called Frozen? Oh yeah, that one. Several years later, this name is still in vogue.


This popular name sounds feminine and athletic all in one. A top 10 name, Bailey is just a tad more popular with larger breeds.


Cute, sassy and spunky, Zoey cracked the top 10 for the first time ever. Definitely a trendy dog name!


The thing we love most about the name Coco is that it could represent so many things. A brown-colored dog. A fancy-looking dog ala Coco Channel. Or any dog with spunk and attitude.


Like Coco, this name is sassy and spirited. It’s also a new addition to the top 10. Trendy? Check. Cool? Check, check.


It’s no secret that classic names are making a comeback for children, and the trend has shifted over to dogs now, too. As a result, a name like Sophie has been a popular choice for the past few years now.


Here’s an example of another classic name making a comeback. This trendy dog name is simple and sweet and will stand the test of time.


This name is the top 10 for both children and pets. Soft and sweet, you can’t go wrong with either Abigail or Abby.  


Once reserved for fem fatales, the name Lola is now making its mainstream debut. With a disarming, soulful quality, Lola is a fun, trendy dog name.


In mythology, Luna is the name of a moon goddess. If you’re looking for a mysterious, unique-sounding name, this is a great choice.


On the rise, Aurora is a gorgeous name evoking thoughts of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) or the princess from Sleeping Beauty. The name can be shortened to Rory, another cool moniker.

Cool puppy

Male Trendy Dog Names


Simple and to the point, Max is a trendy name with dogs big and small.


The name Rocky is making a comeback in a major way. (No pun intended?) Perhaps it has to do with the release of Creed, a spin-off/sequel to the Rocky films.


Some names just don’t go out of style, and Buddy is one of them. This name seems to be eternally trendy.


We love this classic name and are thrilled that it’s making a comeback.


Like Max, the name Jack is a one-syllable wonder. You’ve got to love the punch this name brings.


OK, we’re a big biased here. We named our dog Toby back in 2013 before the name became uber trendy. Now there are multiple Tobys at his daycare. (The daycare ladies call our pup “Big Toby” as a differentiator.)


Before the 1980s, Cooper wasn’t even in the top 1,000 names for baby boys. Now it is #77. The name’s popularity has risen even more quickly with dogs: today it’s in the top 10.


Regal, dignified and aristocratic, Duke is particularly trendy with large dogs.


On the rise, Tucker is a plucky, spirited name that is picking up steam.


The name has a relaxed, friendly feel and is extremely trendy right now.


Packed with charm, energy and a little bit of mischief, Finn might just be the perfect name for a dog.


Chewie is considered a trendy dog name now, right around the time of the Star Wars reboot. Coincidence? We think not.

So there you have it, a big ‘ol list of trendy dog names. What do you think? Do you know any dogs by these names? What’s your fave?

Looking for more names? Check out our top dog names list or do a search to find the perfect dog name for you!

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  1. Debra K Perkins Jordan

    Named my dog Pippen! Really like Finn!

  2. Morgan

    My dogs names are Roper maggie flash charlie and gertti

  3. Lanea Head

    You have some great names here but I’m looking for something different I’m getting a solid white English Bulldog male. Right now he is only 5 weeks old he has big paws so you can tell he’s going to be big I don’t know what to name him. Any suggestions? So far I like Knox, Marlo , Jersey, Kobe major, Memphis, Romeo, Stone, Ryder, Bane, Loki,
    my husband likes Kojak, Ajax, axle, Tyson, Shwayze, and Apollo. I love the name Tyson but my brother had two dogs named Tyson so I don’t want to name him that I also like Tonka and Sarge.
    As you can tell I have a hard time making up my mind I need help right now he’s just a little fellow with a lot of wrinkles he’s a solid white English bulldog would love some opinions on what I should name him. He’s coming from Kentucky so anything to do with Kentucky would be great and I’m getting him for Christmas so anything’s to do live Christmas would be great we are Auburn fans so anything to do with Albarn would be good and we live on the warrior River so I was thinking River as a name but of course my husband doesn’t like it.
    Help naming this puppy would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Dorothy Schaefer

    Female Frenchie…she’s white with a half mask of color on her face.

  5. stevie

    i love the name roxie but i want a wild name for my little dog she needs a name

  6. stevie

    she is white with a cream colored dot on her back


    We adopted Wally, a 3 year old White Mini Schnauzer 12 years ago. There will never be another Wally for us, but I wanted to put his name out there, because everyone loved both his name and Wally himself. Wishing you many happy years with your new dog.

  8. Linda

    Adopting a gray shih Tzu with black face. Looking for something unusual to name her.

  9. LOLA


  10. MILA


  11. Md Tofael

    I got to know a lot.
    Thanks for pushing for the best!

  12. Haku

    I named my dog: Mo (in Vietnamese it’s mean “chubby”).

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